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The Suzu House offers the best of both worlds – an intimate dining experience with traditional Japanese cuisine prepared by a skilled chef, and also hands-on cooking classes that will teach you how to make delicious sushi, ramen and more at home.


Eat in and takeaway --12:00-15:00

if you like to order after 15:00 for takeaway,

*please contact us with Business whatsup 07712588749



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Over 400 5 stars reviews cooking school

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To celebrate Coronation of Charles III and Camilla,
today we are giving you the deal of sushi lesson voucher for 2 people. The price of one can attend 2 people!
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** Over 400 of 5stars reviews**

In this class you will learn how to make 4 types of sushi that you find at most Japanese restaurants:

Hosomaki, Nigiri ,Temaki , Uramaki

*Vegetarian and Vegan customers are welcome too.(Please inform us when you arrive.)

* We don't show how to make sushi rice with this class but you will receive the Instructions of it as well as how to make sushi at home and where you can buy sashimi grade fish.


Half term deal!

Our dumplings class for kids is perfect for crafting homemade dumplings. We’ll teach your children how to make two types of dumplings – Chinese and Japanese-style gyoza. They’ll learn not only about the cuisine but also get creative in making their own unique recipes by customizing ingredients and flavours. (adults will also be making their own so no need to share!)


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Limited time sales!

buy one person and bring one for free!

Limited time sales!

Buy one person and bring one for free!


Buy one person and bring one for free!

Valid for 6 months! Limited Only

Step by step E-book

This is all you need to make sushi at home. Step by step many photos to create your good looking sushi!

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