Team building cooking class with free drinks

Our sushi class is the perfect way for team members of all ages and experience levels to come together and have some fun. Our professional Japanese chef will guide your team through the process of making delicious sushi, and everyone will get to eat their creations afterwards!

£85 per person

Including 2 free drinks per person.

  • Sake- cold or hot
  • Japanese beers
  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Any soft drinks


Vegetarian option available.

We make 4 type of sushi.

  • Nigiri x 4pc
  • Hosomaki x2 (12pc)
  • Temaki x 1
  • Uramaki x 1(8pc)

Also, you learn about

  • Japanese sushi culture
  • How to hold chopsticks properly
  • How to eat sushi in the Japanese way